Local Pubs

The Neighbourhood Gathering Place

Local pubs are a perfect place whether one wants to gather with friends, discuss the game or be alone by the fire. Everyone there generally knows each other because people tend to favor one pub in particular. When a stranger walks in, they are greeted as warmly as a regular and welcomed by the group. It is a place where camaraderie is an important part of the atmosphere. All are welcome to contribute to the group or have some quiet time alone.

While pubs serve alcohol, they are nothing like clubs or bars. Drinking and getting drunk are not the goal in a pub. These establishments serve real food and are generally a favored eating place. Lunch and dinner menus are often local favorites with some specialties of the cook. A hearty meal or a light snack is available in the pub. They can be accompanied by a favorite adult beverage or not, depending on the person eating.

Gathering together as a group is the main purpose of all pubs. They are a place where people are welcomed with open arms. Pubs are places to celebrate the local sports team winning or a couple getting married. It is a place where regulars meet to talk about their day or discuss important events because they can hear each other without the interference of a loud band or juke box.

There are few people that avoid going to their favorite pub. Even when life goes wrong, the pub is the place to be. A person that has experienced a tragedy will get understanding and sympathy from fellow regulars at the pub rather than pity. As a group, the pub regulars form their own extended family. While not all are perfect, they have their place where they can help each other get through the ups and downs life has to offer.